large round coffee tables: How to choose the best one?

 If you are looking for large round coffee table that suits your living room, then this post is for you. Here you will find tips on how to choose the best coffee tables with my recommendations for some large round coffee table.

Large round coffee table:
 The coffee tables isn't just a piece of furniture, but it's one of the most important piece of furniture in your house. You should choose your coffee table carefully and buy according to previous customers' reviews.

The table must be combined with other furniture pieces in your house and catch the eyes of your visitors.

How to choose large round coffee table?
 45 cm is the best distance between your table and sofa which is a perfect distance to reach your drink or grab a book or magazine.
Check the steps
Leave about 75 cm from the edges of your table to the wall or sofa, but if your room is quiet small, then 55 cm is good.
The height
the height of your coffee table should be an inch or two lower than your sofa. an average height of 50 cm is a good choice for almost all of us.
 take care of your children and choose a coffee table without sharp edges and it should be a large round coffee table.
Glass vs wood
Glass coffee tables are better than wood or metal tables as they are much easier to be cleaned and less weight  than wood or metal.

 I hope that my article will provide you many ideas about how to choose the best large round coffee table for your living room, Don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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